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Pokemon Horizons Discussion (Spoilers!)

Posted: Sun May 07, 2023 6:14 pm
by Solilojay
Hi everyone!! I've recently been really enjoying the pokemon anime reboot so I thought I would make a little discussion topic here anyone else watching might be able to post their thooughts about each episode and stuff? :O

I've currently seen up to episode 5 and I absolutely adore both Liko and Roy. It's been so refreshing to have new protagonists and the both of them are so different to each other but still have a really fun chemistry!! I'm looking forward to seeing how the crew bonds c:

So I guess i'll start us off with a question! What do you think of the new protagonists? And what did you like about the latest episode? (Ep 5 as of posting!

For some quick thoughts of my own from episode 5;
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Pokemon Horizons Discussion (Spoilers!)

Posted: Wed May 17, 2023 3:51 pm
by sillyqueen
The ed song is so cute! I'm kinda hoping Amethio and his grunts join in on that at some point lol. Liko is so cute... I can kinda relate to her lol.
► Show Spoiler: Episode 6

Pokemon Horizons Discussion (Spoilers!)

Posted: Sun May 21, 2023 12:20 pm
by Solilojay
I had a couple of episodes to catch up on cause i've been glued to tears of the kingdom for about a week so i'll just put my thoughts on both in this post!!

I'll probably stop spoilering stuff that I post here as well so the entire thread doesn't become a redacted document and only spoil stuff that isn't about Horizons in particular in case others haven't seen those series. If I say enough at the start it hopefully shouldn't spoil anyone on the discord feed either xD

Episode 6 Thoughts

My main takeaway from episode 6 is that Roy and Fuecoco are so sweet ;A; I can't wait to see more of them and I love how much Roy wants to see Fuecoco's dream come true as well as his own now. It's very wholesome and I adore it. It was also very sweet to see the villagers sending Roy off.

Spinel also gives off much more villanous vibes than Amethio. I actually felt a little bad for Amethio being removed from the mission but i'm very curious to see more of the dynamic between the explorers! Glad Amethio will be chasing Rayquaza too cause it means we'll still see more of him.
sillyqueen wrote: Wed May 17, 2023 3:51 pm Shiny Rayquaza is something we knew about obviously, but it definitely falls in the same group as Friede having a Charizard where they just picked it because it's popular, which is sad but understandable. Maybe I'll be proven wrong there, but as it is now... it's just a super boring pick for the Legendary Adventurer's Pokémon.
I'm actually okay with Rayquaza being the legendary of focus because it wasn't featured at all in Journeys whereas
► Show Spoiler: Journeys featured Legendaries
were, so I personally haven't seen it get focus in years. It being black also gives off a scary vibe which could be interesting if it leads to the legendary hero being not so heroic after all or something like that? I'm only spitballing to be honest but I enjoyed the species choice. I would be curious to see what sort of pokemon you would have liked to see attached to the concept of a legendary hero?

Speaking of Rayquaza the way it sparkled and had a gem-y sort of overlay made it look like it was a terastalized so it's cool to see that they might actually explore tera types in the new anime and i'd definitely be a fan of them not using the weird hats if that's the case. They're fun in game but design wise I think they're kinda.... eh. xD

Episode 7 Thoughts

Liko and Roy's Leafage/Ember battle was so funny omfg. I'd thought previously that they needed to develop some variety for their battling cause they use the same move all the time so it was fun to see the show itself acknowledge it and have an episode about learning to be a bit more strategic. Sprigatito learning Quick Attack in such a natural way during the battle was so cool as well I really loved that and hope they keep that up for learning future moves as well.

And we can't forget Cap!! I adore Captain Pikachu every time he shows up on screen he just oozes so much personality. A very worthy captain >:D

I can't believe the Quaxly from the ship is the same Quaxly that Gurumin had this whole time ahaha. I can't wait to learn more about Dot as the series goes on (next episode maybe?!!)