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Hello! I'm Jay (or Sol, whichever you wish to use!) and this is a little thread I wanted to set up just in case people would prefer to communicate on the forum rather than discord! Essentially if you are interested in a thread with any of my characters, or wish to discuss either potential or active threads with me you can post here! Alternatively my DMs are open on discord, and my PMs are open on the forum, both of which I am also fine with c:

There aren't any rules really. If you have an idea for a thread with one of my characters or if you are interested in a thread but don't really know what sort of thing you'd want to do, feel free to post! Have a cool idea for an arc that could involve one of my characters? Feel free to post! Already spoken to me on discord? You can post too if you like haha. It'd probably help me keep track of my future thread plans. If you would like to talk to me about an ongoing thread but can't get hold of me or prefer the forums, that's totally fine to post here as well! I honestly don't mind I just want to create a space for anyone who might find it useful ^-^

First some quick things about me when it comes to threads!
  • I am always open to new threads! The prompt/concept can vague or specific, or just a vibe between characters, I don't mind!
  • I like to write and can end up with posts on the longer side, but I am happy to match shorter post length if you would prefer that, just let me know.
  • I'm open to both 1-on-1 and group RPs, feel free to suggest either.
  • I'm open to using the combat rules if you prefer them, but I do prefer a more free, roleplay focused style of combat in my threads if possible.
  • My post schedule varies wildly. Sometimes I can post multiple times a day, sometimes it will be a few times a week. If you are looking for a particularly speedy thread, please mention this so I can take it into account.
  • I try to give people something to work with in each of my replies, but if you find it hard to do so for any reason, feel free to let me know! I am happy to edit if it will be helpful.
  • I am happy to be pinged on Discord or messaged on Discord or the forum if you need to get hold or me, or just want to let me know it's my post. I will most likely be quicker to respond on Discord if you're looking for the fastest method.
  • I think it goes without saying, but please don't severely injure my characters without speaking to me first! I also have no plans to kill any of them off.
  • I will most likely message or poke you if our thread hasn't been posted in for a week, just to check in and see if there's any problems we can talk through! This is just sort of my way of making sure there aren't any issues with a post/character actions/scenario etc that I could fix on my end that will help us enjoy the thread. (Though of course if previously notified about breaks/decisions not to post for a while etc I will know not to poke ^^)

I have three characters right now; Shiomi the Vibrava, Nia the Cutiefly and Riyu the Hisuian Zorua and most of their details are available in my character records above + their original bios, but i have included some quick summaries below;

Shiomi the Vibrava
Original Bio \ Records

Shiomi is a cheerful Vibrava with a passion for plants. She likes exploring, sweets and deeply appreciates nature, but she will not stand for people trampling over the dreams and desires of others. She will most likely try to be a mediator in a dungeon scuffle before resorting to violence as she has a bit of a bias against fighting and scuffles from her experiences during childhood. It's exhausting. Shiomi is part of the Explorer Division of Celestic Guild.

Nia the Cutiefly
Original Bio \ Records

Nia is a very timid little bookworm whose greatest desire is to store and protect information so that others can use it when they need to. She loves stories, mysteries and flowers, and gravitates towards people who are passionate and excited due to the way their auras feel. Nia is a medic in the Medical Division of Celestic Guild, and learned her skills in the fallout of a a fire that destroyed a great library. As a result of her experiences in that fire, Nia is pretty wary of any open flames. She also dislikes it when books are damaged for any reason - especially if people are doing it on purpose!

Riyu the Hisuian Zorua
Original Bio \ Records

Riyu is a spooky little menace. She is the reincarnated form of a powerful gang boss and her favourite person is her adoptive brother Kouhei who looks after her and tolerates her nonsense. Riyu is often very childlike in her actions, but she is not unintelligent and her curiosity knows no bounds. She does not have much sense for danger, which paired with her curiosity can easily lead her into dangerous situations. Riyu likes to collect cool rocks and is very unphased by violence unless it is being committed against someone she cares about. She also has no qualms scaring others with her illusions and is an Explorer for Celestic Guild.

Future Thread Plans so far...
These are plans both concrete and vague either made with people who posted in this thread or people who have contacted me on discord! Just so i can keep track of them haha. If you have contacted me about a thread plan but you have not been added to these lists, feel free to poke me because I have a terrible memory and I probably just forgot!! Alternatively if you would like to drop a planned thread for any reason, please let me know!

Thread ideas are in no particular order unless otherwise indicated.

  • Meeting Oscar!!!
  • Aryss and Shiomi fellow plant lovers meeting!! Plant themed guild job?
  • Exploring Gateway Forest with Sakura and giving Shuca berries to the inhabitants
  • Fortune meets Shiomi!

  • Thread with Hazel post-expedition to repair their relationship somewhat. Guild med bay??
  • Nia meets Kanasu and wishes to help but is upset that the knowledge she once had endless access to is now gone.
  • Alki and Nia meet in med bay.

  • Meeting Lloyd and asking him about his cool last name.
  • Snowstorm thread in future snowy dungeon with Kouhei
  • Riyu meeting Winea a second time - cool shiny red rocks!
  • Paint warzone
  • Theatre actor stand in thread with Winea and Kouhei

Stuff to Know!
  • I also plan to include anything that comes up that I would prefer not to rp in this post. Currently there is nothing that springs to mind though so go wild. I'll let you know if I find something im uncomfortable with xD
  • I am subscribed to this thread so I won't miss anything that gets posted!
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