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Special Thanks

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Special Thanks

PMD: Tales of Celestia would not exist if it weren't for the impact left on me and the general PMD roleplay space by other communities. This topic recognizes some of those communities. Most of them, unfortunately, are not active, or are not places I would recommend joining - but they nevertheless jumpstarted my interest in PMD roleplay, or directly inspired this project.

Pokemon Mystery Dungeon RP: A forum RP hosted on Forumotion. Sadly, it is inactive now as of last year, but it was especially active between 2012-2017. They were truly ahead of their time!
This RP was the direct inspiration for hosting Tales of Celestia on a forum board, rather than a Discord server. It also directly inspired Character Records, and some aspects of the Job Board, among other things.

Island of the Lost: A Discord RP that originated on Google Plus starting in 2018, and migrated from there after the service shut down in April 2019. Drama has unfortunately caused the community to implode, and I cannot recommend this roleplay in good faith anymore.
Despite all that, I owned and managed IOTL until early 2022, and overall I cannot say I regret my time there. It jumpstarted my interest in PMD as a whole, and if I had not joined this community in late 2018, I would not be here now, and Tales of Celestia would not exist.
As far as I can tell, IOTL also pioneered the PMD roleplay space on Discord after their migration from Google Plus, and many of the things that were established there served as a foundation for many other places. Tales of Celestia still has some of that. For that alone, despite its current state of affairs, Island of the Lost deserves recognition.
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