Medical Analysis (Closed)

The forest that separates Celestic Town from the rest of the continent. Guild members can either sail around it to discover what lies beyond, but they could also explore the dungeon itself and see what surprises it holds!
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Medical Analysis (Closed)

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"A bit high... But I can hear you." Zera said, mouth twisting into a frown. This reminded her, albeit to a much lesser extent, of when she and Lloyd had met to begin with. She'd wanted to shrug off her wounds, as painful as they'd been, after the fight, but the little buneary had been insistent on traveling with her. It had been that decision that had ultimately saved her life, some of her wounds being undetectable to her own, untrained eyes. So despite her dizziness, and loopiness, Zera lay flat on her side, choosing to listen to Lloyd, despite not really understanding what the big deal was. Both as an Eevee, and as a Sylveon, she'd suffered falls and knocks as hard, if not harder than that.

But she hadn't had Lloyd then, did she?

"Well, shit, Lloyd," Zera said, inhibitions and any worries of crudeness dissipating with the rapidly growing headache she was suffering, now that her adrenaline had worn off. "I know you were looking forward to this. Sorry I ruined it. 'Should be less reckless... Just wanted to jump real high..." Of course, telling Zera to be less reckless was like telling her to stop breathing. It was part of her nature, and getting rid of that would take far more effort than she wanted, or perhaps, even was capable of putting in.

Still, it didn't mean she couldn't feel bad for ruining her friend's day...
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Medical Analysis (Closed)

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"OK, that's good. If you can hear me about right, that's very good."

It saddened him to see such a lively pokemon having to be reduced to this state of idleness. But at the same time, he was glad his friend understood what she needed to do and complied. Together, the feelings formed a strange sensation at odds with itself in his chest. He would do his best to get her out of here and back to a good shape, so that she could be her boisterous self again soon. It would hurt him as well if he didn't.

"Hey, um, it's okay. It was an accident." Honestly, who would expect to be able to jump so high they could hurt themselves? He himself had no idea he could do what he had discovered today, so he by no means thought the injury was an intentional move on Zera's part. "Not to mention that I got new data on both Sylveon and Buneary." The corners of his mouth ticked up in a gentle smile. "I... actually have never observed the things I saw today before, so I'm not disappointed in the least."

He held a paw square on her forehead for a moment to keep her attention, but also secretly observed how fast and how much her eyes reacted to it, making a mental note for later. "I'm... I'm gonna get my notebook now, and then I will call for help with my Connection Orb. When it arrives, we'll try to get you on the tool trolley and move you that way. So be prepared to walk just a little."


Lloyd's vice grip on the orb lessened as its reassuring glow reflected on his fur. He would make her better again. This outing was his idea, so he owed her as much. With a small flash, his plea for help began its silent, invisible journey.