Silva - The Luso Connection

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Silva - The Luso Connection

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"The world is a better place without me. That's why I keep on living."

Art by me


A 1'20" yellow rat, his fur is rough and messy most of the times. He has green eyes and dark spots under them. He wears a silver earring on his right ear. He always carries around a guitar on his back, that was made by his ex-boyfriend on his birthday. He wears a brown leather jacket with fur around his neck made with fur of a Furret he beat up during his criminal days, the back of the jacket is a ripped off emblem of his crew. He also wears a small crimson bandana around his neck.


“Nah. I don't think you will.”
Lightning Rod: (Silva draws in all Electric-type moves. Instead of taking damage from them, its Sp. Atk stat is boosted.)

~ Thunder: “Thunderstuck!” A wicked thunderbolt is dropped on the target to inflict damage. This may also leave the target with paralysis.
~ Nasty Plot: “A short battle ballad.” The user stimulates its brain by thinking bad thoughts- through music!! This sharply boosts the user’s Sp. Atk stat.
~ Feint: “Nope!” Silva jukes the opponent going through Protect and Detect also living those effects up.
~ Disarming Voice: "LET'S GOOOOO!" Silva sings a diss track at his opponent doing emotional damage to them.


- Silva is certainly a mon that knows what he wants and stops at nothing to achieve it, he is assertive, known for his 'silver tongue', ways to make allies and making encouraging speeches, a leader. He knows the price of victory and won't hesitate to sacrifice someone if in the end, he will win. He can also be very cunning and will find any opportunity to be snarky and mess with others. Sarcasm is a word that can describe him pretty well too.

~ Music: A hobby he has up to this day, music helps him find that respite he is looking for despite it being temporarily.
~ Couchella! He loves parties, it's another great way to forget about all worries and just relax and parties usually comes with music!

~ Drama Show: Every Pokémon has their problems, Silva doesn't like being apart of them. Unless there's a hefty reward in order.
~ Hotness Enjoyen't: Having the sun constantly hitting the top of his head surely puts him in a horrible mood. Yep, it does.

Silva was a member from a gang that wreaked havoc in the Air Continent who provided protection servers and were engaged in more immoral business that got them up on the guild's radar and a spot on the top of the guild's board as a bounty. For Silva, he thought his life pretty boring, his father was a guild member and his mother florist. Following his father's footsteps would prove to be something he didn't want to do as the life as a guild member didn't bring as much excitement as he thought it would and day by day his hunger for it grew. He would meet one of the members during a mission, they were alone in a mystery dungeon fending off a wave of Wild Pokemon by himself, Silva stepped in to help and in return he gained an invitation. He joins as a prospect (1st rank) and proves himself to his new group of friends by doing assignments.

He slowly loses himself and becomes more obsessed in finding excitement in his life, disregarding life and things just to get what he wants, he becomes distant from his friends and family until the news spread out that he'd join the 'The True Sons' gang, cutting off the last connections he had with his past life.

During an assignment in a fruit festival, he met a guy named 'Kokei', his shy demeanor and personality attracted Silva and the two began to talk, during that day, Kokei brought Silva to the world of music which he loved, the songs brought to him emotions he sought out for for a long time. Having found a hobby and a new 'friend', they were different from one another yet they found solace in their company, they began to know each other better day by day and slowly fell in love. Silva slowly began losing interest in his criminal life, avoiding the assignments and when he couldn't his performance would be mediocre and usually that made missions end up in disaster. The higher ups didn't even think twice, they ordered his death, seeing how much of a hinderance he had become, sending members after him to do the deed.

It was during his ??th birthday, his friends and family had all turned their back on Silva and all that was left was Kokei, as his gift he received a guitar and a kiss, they were two sides of the same coin but they loved each other nonetheless, Kokei's love was the final excitement he needed to fill fulfilled but life wouldn't let Silva go without him being punished for his misdeeds. The Pokémon that were sent to kill Silva crash the party, holding plenty of seed bombs capable of trashing large places but they instead throw at Silva. Kokei throws himself in front of him and shields him from the seeds before dying on his arms. Silva, losing a piece that completed him, went on a raging onslaught of destruction, running after the perpetrators and dispatching of them swiftly and after putting two and two together, he would cut his ties with his gang and going after and put an end to them for what they had done.

One by one, he slaughters his old gang partners and interferes with their business' until the whole operation went in shamble and only then he went after the higher ups, of course, they took notice of it quickly and grew scared by the day. Scared for their lives and for the things they have worked to build, they flee. Having heard that those higher-ups fled to an isolated island called 'Celestia' to regrow their gang, Silva wasted no time and embarked on a supply ship, promissing to finally 'retire' only after having claimed the last his old gang bosses' heads.
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Silva - The Luso Connection

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Silva - The Luso Connection

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