Tidal Research

A cave off the shore, close to the Celestic Town Dock. It's often where beginner Guild members go to complete their first job requests.
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Tidal Research

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The combined assault of the Night Slash and Hex against the Kabutops did its job. Already reeling from the hits it took before, the second combined assault knocked it away from the group - and it didn't seem like it was going to get back up, either.

The Kabutops is defeated!

The Gastrodon pair seemed to know that they were next, and they ramped up their own assault. Or at least, one of them could. The East Sea Gastrodon was unable to avoid the incoming Icicle Crash, and recoiled back from the assault, temporarily dazing it. It didn't seem like it was going to be able to make a move this turn. However, the West Sea Gastrodon let loose its own strength, and it seemed like it wasn't taking too kindly for attacking its own! Turning its attention to the Froslass, it began to shake the sand beneath Aria - it might not be as easy to detect since she was likely floating. That didn't make her fully immune, though - the Earth Power would send a geyser of energy from directly beneath!

Anataka Ichidon

With the Kabutops dispatched, she turned her attention to the two remaining threats behind her. Thanks to her earlier Dragon Dance, she moved with more efficiency and at a swifter pace. Catching up with the rest of the group, she didn't waste too much time. Things were already pretty clear with what had to be done - once they could deal with both of these Gastrodons, they could head deeper in and find those Water Stones she needed.

Though she could feel the ground shaking beneath her, she was too far away from the epicenter of the Earth Power to sense the incoming attack. She'd warn if she could, but that wasn't possible for her. So she focused, digging her feet in as draconic energy surrounded her sword before unleashing a wide wave of energy that aimed to hit both at the same time!
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Tidal Research

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He saw the Kabutops colapse, with the odd one out of the trio all that was left as the goons. Saint would hold back in the offensive part, he'd prefer leaving the fighting to his team, but he wasn't going to stand around do nothing. Taking in consideration his foes and the moves he had at his disposal, he figured a little boost would help finishing the fight fast. They take his eyes off their notebook and look around for the Froslass, he was about approach them slowly while keep his eyes on the Gastrodon when he sees the ground beneath the Ghost glow. Saint would raise his voice to get their attention. "Aria, attack incoming! Under you!" The Meowstic was ready to jump to push them away from the blast but they end up slipping on a rock before falling on their back a loud grunt was all that could be heard from the cat. He promptly stood up after a bit, this was rather an embarrassing moment and he had a lot of dark thoughts to spare. He pointed his right paw towards the West Sea Gastrodon before firing a dark beam at them.

Saint - 99% HP
Saint lost 1% HP due to his failed heroic attempt.
Saint used Dark Pulse.
Dark Pulse - 9/10
Light Screen - 29/30
Reflect - 29/30
Helping Hand - 20/20 - Priority +5
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Tidal Research

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With one member of the trio being quickly removed from the fight, Aria focused her attention primarily on the remaining aggressors. The rain of icicles seemed to work well enough with stunning one of the Gastrodons, but a sudden call to evade made it obvious that the other Gastrodon didn't seem to take well to it's companion being struck against. Attempting to duck off to the side to avoid the called out attack, though without a great deal of success. Though managing to avoid the full brunt of the blow, she felt the blow strike across her right arm, though thankfully the Lightscreen from earlier helped to mitigate the damage somewhat.

Glaring back at the offending Gastrodon, a purple sphere of spectral energy rapidly formed, before being forcefully launched towards the Gastrodon.

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