Helloooo everyone!

Introduce yourself to the community here! Don't forget to welcome others that post here, too!
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Helloooo everyone!

Post by aMEWzing »

Hello all! Feel free to call me Mew. I've come from PMD-RP way back in the day, and some bouts of nostalgia led me here! I am zephyrbird#7210 on discord, where you can find a lot more information about me.

I still have loads of character ideas I carried over from the previous forum, so I'm excited to begin writing up their stories in relevance to Celestia! I'm a big fan of animation, design, worldbuilding, and writing in general so I have lots of ideas I'll undoubtedly pour into my roleplays. I'm also a big fan of Dungeons & Dragons, so my playstyle and character development always occurs as I roleplay. Even I'm surprised at what my character will do!

If you'd read through this, thank you! If you'd like, feel free to let me know what your favorite Pokemon is! Mine is Quaxly, and I've already collected every plush of them I could get my hands on. Glad to meet you!
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Helloooo everyone!

Post by RileytheRiolu1988 »

Welcome to Celestia! You don't have to do much, but I'm sure you'll like this place.
I'm still waiting for my character to be approved, but I'm still having a good time here. I hope everything is going well for you, and welcome once again!
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Helloooo everyone!

Post by Scypho »

Mew!! Great to see you again, and welcome to the site!

Also I think my favourite is tied somewhere between Weavile, Girafarig and Jolteon at the moment c:
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Helloooo everyone!

Post by Blade12 »

Been a bit, hello Mew, welcome aboard.

Favourite pokemon? Umbreon, always has been and probably always will be.
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Helloooo everyone!

Post by Solilojay »

Heyo mew! Nice to see you again! I hope you have fun here too c:

My fave pokemon is still Flygon and has been since i played gen 3. Love that lil bug dragon
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If you would like to RP with me, feel free to post in this thread!
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Helloooo everyone!

Post by Suds »

Hello Mew! It's nice to see you here!

My favorite Pokemon is Vulpix, and it probably will continue to be Vulpix until they make another fox Pokemon that's better. But that's probably never gonna happen, so Vulpix it is!
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Helloooo everyone!

Post by CaliphCaliff »

Hello there!

Favorite Pokemon is Gardevoir, because I love a good magical knight that also has the drip. The psychic type is also my favorite type.
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Helloooo everyone!

Post by Flit »

Hi, welcome! It's good to see more people from the old board here. ^^

As for my favorite Pokemon, gee I wonder?
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Helloooo everyone!

Post by Keeogree »

Howdy Mew! Always nice to see more PMD-RP members make the jump over here! :DD

As for my favorite Pokémon, I’ll give ya my top 3! Vaporeon, Arcanine, and Tropius!
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