[DISCORD] PMD: The Crimson Vale

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[DISCORD] PMD: The Crimson Vale

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PMD - The Crimson Vale

Welcome to the Subida region... a snowy region far to the north of the world. Subida is considered by many to be a place of both incredible history and modern civilization, the likes of which the Pokemon world has yet to see.

However, this was not always the case. Three hundred years ago, Subida was a peaceful and luscious region, filled with beautiful wildlife and amazing traditions. Led by the great King Julius, a Calyrex, Subida was a safe haven for all.

That, however, changed when a meteor struck the region, impacting the wildlife forever. A great smoke cloud covered the region, plunging it into a great and eternal winter. The king exhausted all of his energy to save the citizens of the region, plunging himself into a great and long sleep.

Three hundred years later, the king awoke to find his region had drastically changed. Apparently, the meteor came alongside it a strange and star-shaped power source that allowed the eastern side of the region to vastly improve its technology. However, it also caused two side effects. First, mystery dungeons started to pop up as a result of this strange red energy. Second, the environmental impacts appeared to be disastrous.

After a long and heated debate with the current mayor, Jerel Wade the Urshifu, the two sides came to one consensus: only one way could survive. Will you choose to side with the old ways of tradition? Will you decide to side with innovation? Will you join the very recently formed player faction? Will you choose your own path? Find out in PMD: The Crimson Vale!


•°◈ What We Have ◈°•
❧ A community driven plot! ❀
❧ A friendly and helpful community and staff! ❀
❧ Tons of events, both made by the community and staff! ❀
❧ A vast, open world for you to explore! ❀
❧ Two competing factions, as well as a third completely player run faction! ❀


Thank you for reading, and we hope to see you soon!

Representative: @Filthy#0173 on Discord
Link: https://discord.gg/Y3T4XpzSrj
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