Research and Recover!

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Research and Recover!

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"Hey, Anataka here. I've been needing to do some research on Mystery Dungeons and possibly find some good materials to use. Of particular note are the Water Stones I hear about in the Beachside Cave. I'm aware of the dangers, and thus would prefer to not do this alone. You'll be well-rewarded for your efforts; as the town's blacksmith, I can make an item for you. A piece of jewelry or a weapon, for example. I'll meet whoever wants to help at the dungeon's entrance."

Client: Anataka
Objective: Escort and find a Water Stone!
Place: Beachside Cave
Difficulty: E
Notes: Up to three characters can join! The reward is a choice between Poké or a type-boosting item in the form of a weapon or accessory.
(This is also my first time trying this DM'ing thing! So hopefully all goes well.)
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Research and Recover!

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Accepted by Aria! Blade's Records

RP: Tidal Research
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Research and Recover!

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Tidal Research accepted by Saias.

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